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Take the First Step to a Better Online Presence: Learn About Our website design process.

Our 5-Step Website Design Process

Transparency is crucial in business. That’s why we make our process simple and understandable. We have laid out the Valpo Web Design & Marketing process so that you will know what to expect when working with us for all of your website design service and digital marketing solution needs.

Our website design process is designed to ensure that you have a website that accurately represents your brand and drives results. Our process begins with a consultation with one of our experts to understand your goals and needs. Next, we move on to planning and design, where we create a customized plan and design that fits your brand. During the building phase, our team of designers and developers bring your website to life. We then launch your website and provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that it continues to perform at its best. This comprehensive approach to website design ensures that you have a website that delivers results and helps your business grow.

5 Step Website Design Process & Marketing

Step 1: Consultation

To begin, you will need to fill out our online form or call us at (219) 246-2132 to schedule a consultation. After gathering information about your needs and business, we will then determine the best course of action: Do you need to meet in person or can your needs be handled over the phone? Whichever is the case, we will accommodate.

Step 2: Planning & Design

Either in-person or remotely, we will dive into the details of who you are, what you do, what your website design and digital marketing needs are, and all the other important information to get started building your online presence. This is also the time that we will discuss any particular needs and desires you have for your website or other content.

Step 3: Building

After we have gathered the necessary information, our team of professionals will begin building your website and drafting your content. Everything will be shared with you for approval so that you can be actively involved in the process. The building process for a complete website design project typically takes about 4-6 weeks, though this depends largely on your individual needs.

Step 4: Launch

After everything has been created by our team and approved by you, your website or digital marketing solutions will go live. We will publish everything for you to ensure that the launch is seamless and effective.

Step 5: Continued Monitoring & Support

After your website or content is live, we will monitor it to ensure success. We want all of our clients to step above their competition and remain in high-ranking positions. With continued monitoring, we can ensure your website is ranking for the keywords associated with your business and keep your website at the top of the first search results page.

We want you to be comfortable and familiar with our process. If you have any questions before getting started with your online marketing or website design services, contact us at (219) 246-2132. We will answer all your questions and set your mind at ease before we begin your project.